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"my second time coming back to autos r us and im still satisfied, thank very much for such great work."

J. Thomas, '08 BMW

"Autos R Us did a great job on my vehicle."

G. Gonzalez, '12 Nissan Altima

"Yes ma’am, I'm extremely satisfied with the repairs."

M. Olmeda, '05 Nissan Maxima

"The work on my car looks good. Good job."

E. Salinas, '11 Ford F150

"Everything looks great. I’m satisfied."

M. Phillis, '10 Pontiac Vibe

"I am satisfied and I want to thank Jesse for doing a great job. I will definitely be recommending friends and family."

A. Corfield, '03 BMW

"I want to thank Autos R Us for doing such a great job."

C. Spenser, '10 Ford F150

"I am very much satisfied. You guys did an awesome job on my vehicle."

A. Resse, '08 Pontiac Grand Prix

"I am extremely satisfied with the repairs. I've had absolutely no trouble with my vehicle since it got out of the shop. Autos R Us did a great job."

J. Marcel, '05 Ford Escape

"Autos R Us, I am greatly satisfied with the work done on my truck."

B. Jarmone, '08 Chevrolet Silverado

"I really appreciate all the help and all the information that was given to me about my vehicle along the way (process of the repairs). My car looks absolutely perfect. Would definitely come back. Thank you, Jesse."

R. Garne, '10 Chrysler Sebring

"Great job with the repairs of my truck. Looks new. I will be bringing my other vehicle to get fixed."

J. Moreno, '04 Nissan Frontier

"Everything looks good so far. Happy to have my car back like new. I'm very happy."

H. Ramirez, '07 Dodge Nitro

"I am greatly satisfied with the repairs of my vehicle. Jesse was very wonderful and helpful; I loved the service. Thank you so much."

T. Chenier, '07 Ford Fusion

"Love the work, everything looks good, good customer service."

L. Martinez, '06 Toyota Camry

"I can honestly say I can’t find anything wrong with my vehicle after the repairs it looks great like nothing ever happened to it. I am extremely satisfied with the repairs. THANK YOU."

M. Perez, '06 Toyota Corolla

"The repairs of my vehicle came out great. Thanks for an awesome job."

J. Corredera, '06 Honda CRV

"Im very happy and satisfied with the repairs. Thank you."

V. Chum, '08 Toyota Tundra

"Im satisfied with repairs. I would recommend Autos R Us to my friends and family."

c. Burns, '09 Dodge Charger

"Autos R Us did an awesome job on my car, love the work. I would definitely come again."

M. Gonzalez, '07 Chevrolet Impala

"Im satisfied with the repairs, you guys did a great job."

L. Lowell, '09 Dodge Nitro

"I just want to say Autos R Us did a real good job on my car, love the way it came out, especially in the back, it looks like brand new. A really heck of a good job. Thank you so much!"

J. Williams, '11 Honda Accord

"I’m very impressed and satisfied with the repairs; you guys did a wonderful job. Thank you."

K. Shipp, '10 Dodge Ram

"I’m happy with the repairs. Thank you for your service."

K. Douglas, '01 Mitsubishi Mirage

"Very quick and friendly, good service. Like the fact that I was kept in the loop about the process of my repairs. Very convenient & close to my house."

D. Guerrero, '04 Scion XA

"Your service was kind and helpful. Thank you for taking good care of my car, it looks new."

K. Richards, '98 Ford Taurus

"Maria and Jesse were of the utmost help to me in the repairs of my vehicle. I would truly recommend their company to anyone. Plus it is a Christian company with Christian employees."

J. Ambrose, 11 Dodge caliber

"Excellent work, happy with details. You can’t even tell it has been worked on. I’m happy with the repairs."

W. Bickers, '10 PT Cruiser

"I was very pleased with your service and very satisfied with the repairs that were done."

S. Moore, '10 Ford Mustang

"You guys did an awesome job. Love the work. I will definitely recommend Autos R Us."

D. Kraft, '03 Mazda Tribute

"I’ve been with Nationwide 12 years. I have my car, house & life [insurance] with Nationwide. First time that I’ve been to this shop to repair my car & was very pleased and satisfied. 10+."

C. Bradley, '04 Chevy Trailblazer

"The service provided by ARU representatives was excellent. They were thorough in their description of the repair process and they were very timely in getting the work done. My truck looks great, I am extremely satisfied with the entire process and I recommend them highly. "

R. Palmarez, '10 Ford F150

"Did a great job. Very fast work and very friendly."

J. Nguyen, '09 Toyota Corolla

"Great job. Definitely would bring my car back again and will recommend you to others."

J. Enriquez, '08 Ford Fusion

"Your company has been excellent throughout my ordeal after a car accident. Every employee with whom I came in contact was very thoughtful and anxious to help."

K.Howard, '08 Toyota Scion

"I liked the service, like the way I was treated. I was very impressed with the work & was out quick. Very good quality. I will be recommending my family and friends."

D. Calvillo, '08 Ford F150

"Service is impeccable. Lifetime warranty is very convenient; not everybody offers that! My car was done great the first time. Since I’ve been coming here, the work has always been excellent. Autos R Us is like family and I will always be bringing my car here."

K. Williams, ‘07 Dodge Charger

"My car came out great. Love the work. I’m very impressed and satisfied. I will be bringing my other cars in the future."

R. Menindez, ‘10 Ford Mustang

"Excellent, car beautiful, drives beautiful, everything is 100%. Love the ability to see work being done at the shop, makes me feel like part of the process. I also love how I can always check up on my vehicle online. Really like that feature and will be bringing in all my cars if needed."

K. Henry, ‘08 Ford F250

"Everything went very well. Jesse was kind and explained all that was done to my car and everything the insurance company said. I would recommend Autos R Us for sure."

S. Roman, ‘06 Chevy Impala

"My car was fixed perfect! Autos R Us did a very good job. My car was clean and beautiful. Mr. Palmer was really appreciative to work with us and Christian support on getting thru this. I really appreciate Autos R Us. I would recommend Autos R Us to others. Thank you."

B. Raif, ‘10 Toyota Camry

"I love that Autos R Us is convenient to my home. I left and came back several times with no trouble, Maria had my donuts on Monday and I had folks with me that enjoyed them. Jesse was professional and on point. I expected my vehicle to be here longer, but was repaired in 3 ½ days. I Loved it. Thanks!"

N. Long, ‘08 Jeep Compass

"I was pleased with the customer service and the receptionist was always checking up on me if I needed anything. I was also very pleased about my car being repaired quickly and was very satisfied with the repairs. Thank you."

N. Wade, ‘05 Honda Accord